The Disc

Front of the CD : Real Image | Fake Image
Genuine colour is Forest Green, and the black areas are dark green.
There are 2 rings around the centre of the disc on the genuine.
The fake only has 1 ring.
The Fake colour is mint green, which is much lighter than forest green of the genuine.
The outer ring on the genuine is slightly further from the centre than the fake's ring.
There is also a uniform pattern of small circles accross the fake disc.

Underside of the CD : Real Image | Fake Image
From underneath we can see that manufacturing process of these discs is similar. The base colour on the disc is the green that is used, and the black is printed over the top.
The ring containing text is wider on the fake copy, and they both contain bar codes.
The symbols on this ring, which look like circles with lines coming out of them, are in an order of 1, 2, and 8 on both copies, but some of them on the fake do not look the same.
Both have an inverted 1 on them.
The DIDX number is copied on the fake, in reverse, as is the genuine, but in a different font.
The IFPI code is not copied on the fake.